Business Online

Business Online

Online Banking Designed for Small Businesses

Small businesses require the same financial tools as large businesses. In fact, controlling your cash resources, accessing up-to-date information to support your financial decisions, and reducing the risk of fraudulent activity is extremely important to your bottom line. With Business Online, you have access to it all, with an online banking system that has been specifically developed with small businesses like yours in mind.

From your computer, you can control your company's cash resources through instant transaction originations, customized reports, and much more.  Business Online is simple to use and provides you with effective tools, reporting and payment options you need to make your business transactions easy and efficient.

Business Online Features:


  • Balances and activity reports are presented to you with real-time updates.
  • Reporting for the previous day is also available for you to view.
  • 24/7 access to account balances and transaction activity makes it easier to make quicker, more informed decisions in managing your cash resources.

Online Statements

  • 18 months of statements are available to you online.
  • Eliminate time-consuming searches for past account information.

Check Images and Deposit Tickets

  • View paid checks for at least 180 days.
  • Deposit tickets are available for a full year.
  • Find out if checks have cleared by simply selecting your account and the check number(s) online. You'll quickly find out if a check has cleared the bank in the current or previous statement cycle.


  • Set up a variety of e-mail alerts for account balances, transactions, checks that have cleared and more.

Bill Pay

  • Set-up personnel from your company to initiate and to approve payments.
  • Choose who to pay, how much to pay and when payments should be sent.

Account-to-Account Transfers

  • Move money in real-time between your City National deposit accounts. Quickly and easily control, monitor and consolidate your funds.

Stop Payments

  • Quickly stop unwanted payments online - nothing works faster.
  • Verify checks in real-time - our convenient online confirmation lets you know your order has been placed.
  • Confirm if you're not sure whether an item has already been stopped or paid before placing the order.

Security Features

Our Business Online offers you state-of-the-art security including:

Secure Log-on

  • Two-step log-on with secure User ID and Password.
  • Controlled "aging" of passwords that expire at specified intervals.
  • The system verifies known computers so that when a user attempts to log in from an unknown computer, the system presents a challenge.
  • The system disables a user after a specified number of unsuccessful log-on attempts.
  • Auto log-off occurs after pre-established time limit with no user activity.

Multi-user Management and Entitlement Controls

  • Company administrator controls setup and maintenance of all end users.
  • Specify user access and rights to accounts, specific functionality and features.
  • Set up a dual approval process when you want extra control over money-movement functionality.
  • Define limits to individual transaction and total day dollar amounts for money-movement features.
  • Your company administrator can audit/track logs of all user transactions/activities.

Secure Data Transmission

  • 128-bit data encryption of all data sent and received

Getting Started

To sign up for a Treasury Management service or for more information, please call Treasury Management Client Services at (800) 599-0020, Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (PT). You can also contact us online.